Remote-How Weekly Digest #2

Remote-How Weekly Digest #2

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written on August 2018 by Dominik Serafin

Hello everyone,
thanks for the great response to our pilot newsletter last week. Seems like productivity and remote hiring topics got most of the attention of our readers. Good to know! 🙂
Before we dive deep into this week’s edition, just a quick question. We promise to update You with answers later.
Which of the following topics do you find the most important while working in a remote environment? 
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Time and Workplace Management
Finding a job
Mind Related Skills

REMOTE working
The number of freelance and remote workers in US is set to triple by the year 2020. That’s 42 million people (FreshBooks 2018). If you’re trying to convince your boss that it’s time for you to go remote, Skillcrush posted some killer reasons to bolster your argument.

Tell Your Boss: These Are the Benefits of Remote Work
Remote teams are the future of the workplace—not only are they key to employee happiness, but they strengthen a company’s bottom line.

REMOTE motivation
Working remotely offers its own unique challenges like burnout, isolation and lack of engagement. Let’s dive deep into nine tested-and-tried hacks on keeping your employees connected when they are thousands of miles away from each other. Good stuff by

9 Tips to Keep Your Remote Team Engaged
The old era of stressful commuting and dry as dust cubicle spaces is almost over. Laptop out, coffee in hand, cozy slippers on – you’re ready to start your work day!

REMOTE mindfulness
Can digital nomads contribute to the communities in which they live? How to shape our movement into a model that contributes to the social and economic development of the countries (let’s face it – often exotic, but poor countries) in which we base ourselves. Great post from our fellas at Hubud in Bali.

Why digital nomadism is already the future
This important question seems to appear in lifestyle blogs and progressive newspapers. One published article recently slung criticism against the ‘privilege’ of remote working; titled, ‘Digital nomads cannot be the future’.

REMOTE detox
When was the last time you were offline for a whole day? Or even an hour, non-stop, besides from the obvious of being asleep at night or during a flight? Our friends at HR Trend Institute discover advantages of so-called Digital Detox.

Will Digital Detox Day (DDD) become a trend? | HR Trend Institute
In this article, Roos Hijner describes her experiences with the Digital Detox Days she introduced in her life. She describes the positive effects. Will Digital Detox Day become a trend?