Remote-How Weekly Digest #3

Remote-How Weekly Digest #3

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written on September 2018 by Aleksandra Wnuk

Hey guys,it’s time for another weekly digest. More and more people join our community. Thank you! Together, we will shake the traditional workforce. Soon 😊Before we move into this week’s readings, here are few announcements:

  •  Last week we asked you to prioritize, which of the topics you find the most important while working in remote environment? The significant majority put job search (47% respondents) and communication issues (30%) on top of the list.
  • We continue our research. Here is a short (3 min) surveyAfter completing the form you’ll receive from us e-book “How to Convince Your Boss to Work Remotely?”
  • Are you ready forNomad City in Gran Canaria (Spain)? It’s a yearly event (8-11 Oct) focusing on remote work and location independent entrepreneurship. Teams from Google, Evernote, Buffer, Toptal, GitHub, Hotjar and more are joining in. We’ll also be there with a keynote!

NOMAD CITY: sneak peek of what’s to come

REMOTE trends

Accountancy giant PwC has launched a scheme that allows some new recruits to work the hours they want. Kudos for taking flex work trends serious!PwC tells new staff they can choose what hours to workThe study showed that almost 46% of 2,000 respondents prioritized flexible working hours and a good work-life balance the most when choosing a job.

REMOTE jobRemote Work Hub studied resumes of remote workers. There are a handful of words that hiring managers see every single day in the majority of resumes. And if your resume doesn’t stand out from the crowd, it’s highly likely to be tossed in the trash can.The Top 7 Words To Avoid In Your Remote Work ResumeHard worker can be replaced with words like “conscientious”, “diligent”, or “earnest”.REMOTE managementFrom pats on the back to feedback in Slack.Working remotely: How it changes the boss-employee relationshipWith any boss and any job, you want to know how you’re doing. Picking up on manager’s body language and their body cues can help. What if you work remotely?

REMOTE at homeWorking remotely from home isn’t always easy. It can go off the rails pretty quickly without laying a basic foundation for success. Here are three critical things to keep in mind.3 Keys to Successful Work From HomeWhen I first started working from home, I was all over the place—I’d work for 20 minutes, notice crumbs on the floor that needed sweeping up or get distracted by dishes in the sink…