Remote-How Weekly Digest #5

Remote-How Weekly Digest #5

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written on September 2018 by Magda Sowierszenko

REMOTE company

Isolation, anxiety, and depression in the distributed workplace. Here is how remote companies should deal with the mental health challenges of their employees. Doist brings up an important topic.

What Most Remote Companies Don’t Tell You About Remote Work
Isolation, anxiety, and depression in the remote workplace and what we’re doing about it…

REMOTE guide

Great resources on (remote) job search, productivity and team management. Kudos to the Buffer team for continuous contribution to our location independent community.

What is Remote Work? A Guide for Finding Work-From-Home Jobs and Building Remote Teams

Learn about remote work and work-from-home opportunities. Get resources and advice on what it’s like to work outside the office and how to stay productive and be your best self!

Remote-how Weekly Digest #5

REMOTE study

Researchers say people with high emotional stability are best suited for remote work.

Study Examines Relationship Between Stress and Remote Work

Stress in remote work: two studies testing the Demand-Control-Person model.

Be aware of scams! Learn the warning signs of a sketchy remote opportunity. By our friends at Skillcrush.

How to Tell if a Remote Job is Legit
Remote work can be a dream come true—but there are scam remote job listings you need to watch out for.